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Monday, January 31, 2011

How do you deal with not having a cunt?

    I wish I had a cunt!
    I guess I have always wished I had a cunt!
    I realize that I did not wish for real that I had a cunt until I was a teen, but I am sure I did subconsciously when I was younger. I certainly knew that I was different than what a boy should be.
    I do know that when I first saw a picture of a cunt and saw my sisters and mother naked, I knew that is how I wanted to be! I didn’t actually see their cunts, but I saw that they did not have a penis. And I envied them so much for that!
    I found my dad’s girlie mags and I adored all the girls and their cunts!
 And what they were doing with their cunts!
    I knew at one point that I would have to have a cunt to be happy. But that never happened. We can be sissies or trannies or whatever, but not having that cunt  makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it!
    The circumstances have to be right for when a T-girl acquires her cunt.  And I have so much respect and envy for girls who have undergone GRS.
    Then there are the rest of us. I have gone through life somewhat depressed  that I don’t have a cunt. And I am sure if you are reading this, then you have too.  I say “somewhat depressed” -- and not “despondent” – because I have been fortunate enough (I guess) to have been able to deal with what was dealt me. But as you know, it is very hard to do that and at least try to be happy.
     Being able to be a sissy and be girlie is some consolation, but it is small consolation to not having the cunt we wish we all had.
    OK: When did you first realize that you wished you had a cunt? Not when you started dressing up exactly, but when you knew that you should have had a cunt and began to wish for one so badly?
    And how have you dealt with not having a cunt?
    Here’s you chance to profess your desire to have a cunt! Or rant about how you have lived still wishing for a cunt!


Sissy Slut Michelle said...

From the first time I penetrated my boi pussy. I want to find out what it feels like to be fucked inside my real cunt.

Anonymous said...

I was first penetrated at a young age,now as a bisexual cross dresser every time,I'm penetrated and filled,I think about male pregnancy.

Roger said...

Although I don't wish I had a cunt, I sure like guys who wished they had one. I love to suck little clittys and so I hope not too many sissys get their wish

Maxine said...

I feel much as you do, Stevie, about not having that lovely cunt that looks so beautiful and is so beloved by the men we adore.

Unfortunately, even if I could afford GRS, it wouldn't give me the womb I long for, which could carry my man's baby after taking his precious seed deep inside me, a topic you wrote about earlier. For me, that's the thing.

It's cold comfort merely to have a wonderful man think of you as a woman. I still long to be a woman -- a real woman. A born, genetic woman who, when her man groans passionately and bites my neck and shoots his sperm deep inside my cunt, can actually feel his baby kicking inside me a few months later.

I'll never feel that. Even if I had a cunt by GRS, I could never have that, and it deeply saddens me. I cannot give birth, and I cannot breastfeed, I can only pretend to be a woman. And that may be good enough for him, but it's not good enough for me.

When genetic women complain about cramps, or complain about the struggle of carrying their husband's baby, it just brings tears to my eyes. They simply don't realize how lucky they are! I guess being born female makes you take certain things for granted ...

JA said...

I'm like Roger. not want to have a vagina. I like to lick the vagina of my wife and I love being a sissy cuckold.

Stevie Stevens said...

Maxine, I agree with you on all of your thoughts!

Sara said...

Maxine, I totally understand. No matter how much is possible with science and surgery, it's still not the real thing. For me I was always focused on the details of having a girl's anatomy, even more than dressing up. Not long after I started dreaming of having breasts, I knew I longed to have a pussy too. It does make me sad that it won't ever happen, but I've come to terms with it. :)

Anonymous said...

I have wanted my own cunt ever since I dated my first girlfriend and saw my first pussy. I remember the first time I took down her panties and saw her pretty pussy. We dated for awhile and I secretly wanted to be just like her. I wore her bra and panties when I could(she didn't know). We eventually broke up and she then started dating a real stud. I was jealous - wanting to be her. I imagined her pussy getting that deep dicking she so deserved. She lived up the street and one night I went by and her curtains were half open and I swear I watched her give a 20 minute(!) blowjob to the most magnificent cock I have ever seen. I wish most every day I had a pussy.

Sarah Elizabeth

Stevie Stevens said...

Sarah Elizabeth:

You should be so happy for that old girlfriend and the fact that she got to enjoy guys like she did! Did you feel humiliated or did you feel invigorated that she spurned you for a real guy?

Karen said...

when did I first want a cunt? hard to pinpoint, as a child I sometimes wondered what it would be like to be a girl, but it was mostly dresses and having to pee sitting down, when I hit puberty I wondered what puberty would feel like as a girl, and what sex would feel like - and I did occasionally fancy guys I knew. When my 1st gf left me for another guy, I pictured him naked, esp. his cock, i fantasized he made me suck him. then for a while I was in denial, got another gf - then it was my 1st time being groped by a man, which drove me insanely horny but I only thought about sucking him and anal. However, after that whenever I had sex with my gf I could only do it by imagining we'd changed places.

jellybean said...

I wish that I had a pussy and NO balls the minute I awake till the second that I'm asleep. If I could get my hands on the stuff needed to deaden the entire area around my penis, I think that I would do it.
I remember as a boy, i read in some sheesy mag. that you could tie a cord to the dooknob and slam the door, NO work.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to be a girl and later on, a sexy woman.
I have had dreams where I was actually looking down through my eyes at a female body I was in, only to awaken very upset, sometimes crying.
I want to do and be all things women are, dressing, behaving, and having a cunt. I really wish I'd wake up one morning as a woman!

Kathyann Hitt said...

I want to be a girl so much. And, thankfully between my own mother & my 2 live in Mistresses someday soon I am going to get my dream. I am already very passible, feminine, passive & submissive. I've been on hormones for a long time now & they have already castrated me as well.

Anonymous said...

I envy women who can slip into leggings or clingy yoga pants and go out into the world - knowing what the outline of their vulva does to men. I so envy them that for years I've gaffed myself as often as possible - teasing men with my own cameltoe and wishing that I could reach down, fondle them, and then lie back into a soft bed and have them fuck me.

sissycindy said...

Ever since I discovered there was a difference between the sexes, I have wanted, ached, and desired to have been born female.

I so wish I had been lucky enough to been born with a pretty pussy between my legs, growing from girlhood into womanhood, going through puberty is a female, peeing like a woman, getting turned on like a woman, hardening nipples, a wet and swollen pussy, along with embracing all things female that I would be.

I have had very vivid dreams of looking down through my eyes and seeing the female body, smooth skin, beautiful breasts, between the Valley of my breasts, my belly, and in my mound, and slit – so very real these dreams, only to awaken very disappointed, upset, even crying, that I wasn't privileged go lucky enough to have been born as it should've been.

Although I've gotten very used to covering things up over the years, deep inside, I know that I am female, most of my friends a female, and many of them act and react to me such as I am one of them.

When I discussed this with some women over the years, they remind me of. Cramps, and say to me things like, "what about you having your period, if you had been born a female?" I have always responded, "if that's a part of it, that would have to deal with it like every other woman." Everyone that showed that response with, from vanilla/straight to outrageous lesbian, is more or less applauded my response, and in turn has treated me properly, more like a girlfriend or a woman in her life, and for that I'm grateful for those I could share that with.
For me, TG surgery would never be 100%, for although female looking, but truest desires are to actually have all the functioning parts and be completely and truly female.
I've always felt female superior to males, and we should be so much more like my superiors in every way, dressing, emulating, behaving, and if I were to wake up one day in the right body, I'd probably choose to be a lesbian.
sissy cindy lynn

Mia said...

I think that you have hit the nail on the head, not entirely sure when it happened but i really do wish that i had a cunt.

joe nelson said...

Some of my earliest memories are of wishing I were a girl. I must have been 5yrs or so when I tried to cut off my gross disgusting cock. This desire has only grown more imperative as the years go by. Sigh!!!! Having a real cunt between my legs would be eternal ecstasy!

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